Laser Marking Process Form

This form asks you questions about your laser and the process. The more information you can add will make it easier to specify a solution for you.

Product and material specification

What is the product to be marked?
Example: Bottle
Is the product moving or stationary while being marked?
What are the overall dimensions of the product?
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
What materials are to be marked?
Example: Ink on a paper label
Do you have MSDS information?
Where on the product is the mark/code?
Example: Neck of the bottle
Is there any coating on the product of any description (including oils)?
Do you know what gasses are given off during the coding? If so, what are they?
Do you know what particles are given off during the coding? If so, what are they?

Information about the mark/code

What is the number of characters per mark/code?
Example: 01/01/20 = 8 characters
What is the average height of the characters?
Example: 3mm
What is the average depth of the mark/code if known?
Example: 10 microns

What is the number of marks/codes made per hour?
Example: 5000

How many hours per week does the laser operate?
Example: 40

Information about the mark/code

What is the type of laser?


If the answer to the above question is vectoring, what are the operating areas?

Maximum laser scan area (Fume Extraction)
Maximum scan area?
Example: 200x200mm
Actual laser marking area

Actual marking area?
Example: 20x150mm

What is the make of laser?
What is the model of laser?
Number of laser used to mark/code?
What is the distance between the laser lens and the product (Focal Length)?
What type of capture method is required? (hood, nozzle, etc) please include sizes if possible.
What voltage / amperage supply is available?
What (if known) is the required air flow rate?

Enclosure and surroundings

Can you supply a photograph/sketch of any enclosure/surroundings?

Your details

Job Title
Company Name
Address 1
Address 2
Post/Zip Code


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