Laser Engraving Process Form

This form asks you questions about your laser and the process. The more information you can add will make it easier to specify a solution for you.

Product and material specification

What are the main products to be engraved?
Example: Stamps and name plates
What materials are to be engraved?
Example: Natural rubber and acyrilic
Is there any coating on the product of any description (including oils)?
Do you have MSDS information for the material or any coatings?
Do you know what gasses are given off during the process? If so, what are they?
Do you know what particles are given off during the process? If so, what are they?

Information about the process

Approximately how deep is the engraving?
Example: 0.5mm
Approximately what percentage of the product surface is engraved? Example: 25%

Approximately how long does each product take to engrave? Example: 20 seconds

Approximately how many products are engraved per hour? Example: 100
How many hours per week does the laser operate?
Example: 40
What (if known) is the required air flow rate?

Does the laser have any extraction ports?

If so, how many and what diameter are they?


  Qty     Diameter (mm)

What are the dimensions of the laser bed or operating area?

  Height (mm)

  Width (mm)

  Depth (mm)

How far would the extractor have to be from the laser?   m

Is the laser area enclosed?

If not, what capture method is required? e.g. plain hose, a hood, a nozzle etc.


What voltage / amperage supply is available?
Please provide any further information you think will be useful here.

Information about the laser

What is the make of laser?
What is the model of laser?

Your details

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Company Name
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