Purex Launch the 650

24 March 2014
Purex Launch the 650

The 650 is a new powerful and versatile fume extractor from market leaders Purex International of Rotherham UK.

The new cutting edge 650 model is designed to extract fumes from different locations and can be easily moved around the work place on high strength castors.

The machine is specifically designed with key performance goals in mind.

  • By using new Whisper Stream™ motors the machine is ultra quiet when in use - ideal for laboratories, offices and classrooms.
  • The powerful new motor produces in excess of 600 cubic metres of airflow.
  • A vast range of filters is available for different applications such as soldering or working with chemicals.
  • The 650 is supplied with either one or two high quality, acid resistant adjustable extraction arms with a variety of capture hoods depending on the process.
  • For the in ultimate safety, each machine is fitted with gas and particle sensors which alert the operator if fumes pass through the machine.



The Purex 650 is ideal for use in workshops, laboratories, schools, medical facilites and anywhere where a portable fume extraction solution is required. For more information please call +44 (0)1709 763000 or email purex@purex.co.uk