When does tackling laser fume extraction become a consideration you can't afford not to think about?

29 July 2013
When does tackling laser fume extraction become a consideration you can't afford not to think about?

There's a whole new market of customers in the laser industry who demand performance on a budget. As marking and laser engraving equipment becomes smaller and less expensive; companies who need, in fact demand, performance on a budget grows.

Just a few examples of these marking/encoding lasers include those now frequently used in the gift industry to create logos on a variety of objects; "coding" lasers used to add traceable use-by dates and batch codes to packing and products of the beverage, medical and electronics industries; and those used for decorative shape cutting in a variety of materials.

The affordability and versatility is such that engraving lasers are even becoming mainstays of many colleges' arts and crafts departments. The point is, more and more individuals and small companies are using lasers than ever before and because these marking and engraving systems burn away layers of material, they also generate fumes that contain small toxic particles and gases that are health hazards.

This is where companies like Purex International and Jorlink can make a difference.

Removing fumes from laser marking processes is a necessity. As we've discussed, virtually all materials will emit some hazardous fumes when processed - Benzene and Toluene are released from certain plastics; Chromium and Nickel are given off by some metals; even cardboard and paper can produce respirable dust and formaldehyde.

The bottom line is that worldwide health and safety laws regard it vital to deal with these fumes effectively as they can cause serious long-term medical conditions. This coupled with the damage that could be done to your expensive laser optics if particulates left behind by these fumes are not removed; make purchasing some form of fume extractor a necessity.

How to purchase a proper fume extractor and stay within your budget.

Jorlink knows that there are always two trains of thought distributors can take in pitching extractors. Knowing that everyone is trying to stay within budget many distributors may choose to sell very low-cost equipment. Less expensive on the front end but these units can trade performance, filter life, and even safety for cost.

Finding external venting outlets, replacing filters more often, or worse putting the laser operator at a health risk will never outweigh the long-term investment of a quality extractor like those offered by Purex through Jorlink. One very affordable solution to the fume extraction dilemma is the Purex Alpha, which is available in two models: a 200m3/hr version and a 400m3/hr version, depending on the size of your laser. Both of these models have a small footprint (465mm2), so they take up minimal space and are mounted on lockable casters to make them extremely mobile so if the laser moves, so can the extractor.

To reduce noise levels the machines employ Whisper Stream technology with whisper-quiet operation (less than 45dBA) but excellent performance and power. These are great for schools or small shops. The Alpha also features the VariColour warning system to constantly monitor the condition of filters. With the power, reliability, performance, and whisper-quiet operation of the Alpha, Purex and Jorlink believe they have the combination to meet the needs of every budget and size of company; keeping them profitable, turning out a quality product, and most importantly safe from any toxic fumes for years to come.

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